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About Jan Nielsen Development

From each carefully chosen light fixture, to quality tiling, Jan Nielsen home designs are carefully planned for long life and easy maintenance. Our homes are situated on premium lots with excellent access to area schools, shopping and amenities. With over 38 years of building experience, we build our homes to accommodate you and your family's individual needs.



Jan Nielsen knows how he likes to be treated when he's the customer- the same way that you expect to be treated. He applies this simple philosophy to his homebuilding business. So he is always listening and responding to what you have to say, staying flexible, employing fair and honest business practices, being informative, and offering you great value.


He loves building homes, and loves happy customers. When his customers say, as they often do,"I love my new home and I enjoyed building it," he knows he's succeeded. Happy customers are successful customers.


It is with that philosophy in mind that Jan offers you the homebuilding and/or homebuying, experience that you expect. You may prefer to buy a home from them already built, or you can have them build one for you. You may use their floor plans, bring them a floor plan of your choice, or have them design a plan just for you. Options are virtually unlimited. Various neighborhoods are suggested, but there are others available. In short, virtually anything is possible, because his philosophy is customer oriented.



Designing, building, and developing Knoxville for over 35 years


In 1971, while an engineering student at the University of Tennessee, Jan Nielsen's first career project was developing one of the largest residential communities in West Knoxville. After graduating cum laude, Jan pursued his interests in architectural design, starting his first home building and residential developing company.

With the advent of the first energy crunch of the 70’s, Jan responded by designing and building the first Owens-Corning Energy-Efficient™ home in Knoxville for the Parade of Homes. He then designed and built the first TVA Super-Saver™ home in Knoxville. The Super-Saver™ home was the very first home ever monitored by TVA for field results of a TVA energy research program.

Jan's innovative designs attracted a clientele of custom luxury home owners in the early 80's. The experience was one of designing, planning, and building challenging homes- a sweeping spiral staircase, a glass atrium, a library loft, a Spanish clay tile roof. The task is to understand the owners architectural ideals, and to accurately and faithfully express them in masonry, wood, and glass.

In the late 1980's Jan's company grew to become the largest homebuilder and developer in West Knoxville. His homes still kept the custom personal touch, yet on a larger scale. Add to that the developer's function- designing and building a community swimming pool, sidewalks, a nature trail, a lakeside park, an octagonal gazebo, a footbridge, a boat dock- communities with character. Among Jan's developments are Bridgewater I, Forest Mill, Harts Ridge, Pine Springs II, and Rivermist, in addition to building hundreds of homes in many other neighborhoods. Today your home built by Jan Nielsen Development represents the culmination of over 35 years experience in every aspect of new home building and neighborhood development.

Jan encourages you to ask for his references. He wants you to speak to his clients . Then you will know the high level of customer satisfaction that Jan Nielsen Development's clients consistently express during the building process, after moving in, and years later.

Only a limited number of homes are offered each year in select neighborhoods, because individual attention is the hallmark of fine homebuilding and design.

Personal Offices and Awards- Board of Directors- Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville 1984-87. Twice Chairman of the Parade of Homes 1984 and 1985. Recipient of the 1984 MIRM National Marketing Award, in addition to the TVA Super Saver and Owens Corning Energy Efficient home awards.

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