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Start by looking at our model floor plans. Choose the one that is closest to your dream home. Tell us which plan you like, and how you would change it to fit you. We will reply with a custom quote and a simple customized floor plan. We will offer you an opportunity to walk through a home already built that is similar in plan to yours. You will experience the space of your dream home by visiting a similar one, not just depending upon a 2 dimensional drawing. The quote, the drawing, and the walk-through will help you know whether your dream home is feasible- easily and simply.

For more information, visit our FAQ's, or e-mail us with your questions. Also take a look at some of our customer testimonials.

Let’s get started!

Experience the space- You can walk through a similar house JND has already built. Flexible- changing, adding, and deleting are routine. And any plan can be any style. Pre-priced- You know right away if it fits your budget.

Additional floor plans to choose from- (Although JND plans can be edited extensively) Cannot experience the space- its only on paper and in 2 dimensions Flexible- sometimes, but draftsman charges for edits can be expensive Not pre-priced- Risks your time to get a quote, and your investment to buy plans

Infinite floor plan choices. Same issues as a Plan Book floor plan, with more time and floor plan investment